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A HOST OF DESIGN OPTIONS To Fit Any Shaded Window  

Standard Rectanglar

Top-Down Top-Down/Bottom-Up

A cord-operated Honeycomb shade that raises from the bottom up and stacks at the top.

A rectangular shade that opens from the top down. When completely open, the fabric stacks at the bottom of the windows. A top-down standard rectangular shade combined for versatility of operation.
Uses two sets of lift cords to open either from the bottom up or from the top down, or both.
普通日簾/ 普通夜簾 上放下合日簾/ 上放下合夜簾 上下開合日簾/ 上下開合夜簾

Two-On-One Headrail. Angles.
Two Standard rectangular shades sharing the same headrail; each shade operates independently. Fit sloped window openings.
Shades may be sloped at bottom or top and are operable or stationary.

Arches. Circles. Specialty Shapes.
Available in both perfect or imperfect arches.
An arch is perfect if its width equals twice its height. Perfect arches may be operable. Imperfect arches are stationary.
Available in full circles up to 60 "and quarter circles up to 42". Both are stationary. Includes octagons, hexagons, and trapezoids.
May be operable or stationary. They can operate bottom-up, top down or remain stationary.

  Continuous Cord System. Night and Day


  An easy-lifting system using a continuous cord loop and clutch assembly work together making it easy to raise and lower shades of up to 150 sq.ft. area. Use two fabric panels, one between the headrail and center rail, and one between the centre rail and bottom rail. Enhances light control and privacy by allowing translucent and blackout fabric to be combined in a single shade. A rectangular shade with side rails that operates on any slope or orientation.
Manually Operated. Excellent for skylights.

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